SOCCER2SQUARE was created and developed to teach soccer players of all ages and abilities how to play the soccer ball more confidently and effectively out of the air.

There are two versions of the game. The Training Version and the Competitive Version.


The Training Version
This version of the game teaches beginners and young players how to start dealing with balls being played through the air in a fun game environment so they may learn at their own speed according to their own developmental needs.

Our training manuals and DVD’s help players, parents and coaches start to learn the appropriate teaching progressions for the game, so it is both fun and challenging, but at the same time they can focus on training topics like heading, volleying and passing and receiving with any surface of the body.

Currently these topics are only being taught in the training environments. It is the goal of SOCCER2SQUARE to help these players learn these skills at home on their own time while at the same time having fun and brining the family together to enjoy playing this great game together.

The Competitive Version
This version of the game gives technically more skilled (advanced) players an opportunity to play the game in a competitive (tournament) environment to match their own skills against their peers on an individual basis.

Since soccer is a team sport there are not many opportunities to match players individual skills solely against other players without the help team members. This version gives the individual player another forum to use their own individual skills and compete solely one versus one in a highly skilled, fun and low cost competition.

For Everyone
This way there is a version of the game for everyone to play, whether you are just a beginner to soccer or a player at the highest level you can learn to play and enjoy SOCCER2SQUARE no matter where you are. There is nothing to buy, you can play the game virtually anywhere. All you need is a friend and a ball.

I hope you enjoy the game as much as I do.

Scott Warburton

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