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SOCCER2SQUARE is a supplemental training game invented and developed by Scott Warburton to help soccer players of all ages and abilities learn how to pay the ball more effectively out of the air. It started as a small grass roots campaign to get the game to the teams and players he coaches as a training tool. But has since exploded into a dynamic training system and a fun game that is now played in both training environments and in competitive tournament environments.

“Children love to play this game, say’s Scott. All you need is a ball and a friend to play. And if you have a wall you can even play by yourself. I found out that if you show your players the game and encourage them to take it home and play with their friends and families, the amount of time that they’re touching the ball on their own time goes up by significantly, so from a coaching perspective it has become a very positive and economical training tool.

What makes it so fun is that the kids can play with their siblings, parents or friends just about anywhere. They can use already established fields like the seams in sidewalks that are found everywhere, to play the game. Or they can even make a field by marking it out in the dirt. I have published a very inexpensive Training Manual to help players, parents, coaches and clubs learn to play the game with the appropriate teaching/learning progression for all age groups and abilities.

After introducing the game to players, they take the game and make it their own. So then the game becomes the teacher and they automatically improve their technical abilities through the game by getting so many more touches on the ball. Also, by playing at home in their own environment and on their own time they increase their ability to play the ball out of the air more confidently and effectively on their own. It also seems to make them love the outdoor game more too.

The more they play the game, the more their skill increases. As their skills increase, their confidence soars and then you can really begin to see the effect on the big game.”

If you are a parent, coach or club administrator, purchase a training manual for your player(s). Get them playing the game it brings families together, increases skills and is just a really fun game to play just about anywhere.

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