Coach Warburton has designed a game that any soccer player and indeed the whole family can play. It’s simplicity and ability to be played anywhere makes it a game for all ages and abilities. SOCCER2SQUARE is a players’ game. Packed full of fun and skillful challenges I hope that it is picked up by clubs across the nation.

Sam Snow

Coaching Director, U.S. Youth Soccer

SOCCER2SQUARE is a simple yet effective method for players to develop their touch and ball control skills. It is both fun and challenging and provides an engaging activity for players to use to train and play on their own.  We are looking forward to using Scott’s structure and format for SOCCER2SQUARE at our camp’s this summer.

Mark Perdew

President and Director, Rocky Mountain Soccer Camps, Inc.

SOCCER2SQUARE is a great game for all different levels of players to gain technical skill. It’s competitive, it brings out challenges that can be presented in actual 11 v 11 matches. I can see SOCCER2SQUARE growing rapidly and hopefully it will be used all over the United States.

Vincenzo Bernardo

Professional Player, NY/NJ Metrostars & U.S. Youth National Team

Scott you have developed a great game, the technical demands of the game automatically develop the skills needed to play the game. And these skills are crucial to the outdoor game. Great job and good luck!

Robert D. Ohle

President Director, Colorado Soccer Camps

I have three boys that play soccer. From the time my kids were introduced to SOCCER2SQUARE, they were hooked. They play the game all the time, and love it. I have seen the kids’ soccer skills improve significantly from the time they began playing SOCCER2SQUARE, from ball control, to juggling to receiving. What is truly amazing is that the kids can play it almost anywhere.

Tina Patierno


Your SOCCER2SQUARE game is a fun innovative way of technically training young soccer players. I sent my kids home with it, they play it all the time and really enjoy it! The results have been amazing and you can see the improvement in a few weeks time. Thanks for showing me your game, I will use it with all of my teams!

Aarron Macias


I think SOCCER2SQUARE is incredible, my two boys and youngest daughter all play the game, it has done wonders for their skills and it is so fun to play they just don’t want to stop. It is an outstanding game!

Colleen Peterson

Parent and Educator

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