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Team and Club Tournaments

Holding simple team tournaments from time to time are a great way for your players to enjoy friendly competition while getting a variety of opponents to play against. Since every player’s style and tactical approach to the game varies, this will also expose the players to different techniques and help them to learn what works and what doesn’t based on their opponents’ approach to the game. Team tournaments are fun and really simple to put together. It only takes about 2 hours (one team training session) and flat and safe place to play. You can ask your team’s parents to referee the matches, or simply have the players manage their own matches. Please see our team tournament bracket (located in the forms area) that you can print out and have stage your own competition today. For tip’s and more information on how to make these tournament go smoothly order the SOCCER2SQUARE Training Manual.

Club Tournaments are a great way to challenge each age group. By introducing SOCCER2SQUARE to your club’s teams and having a club tournament, the players have an incentive to go home and play the game a lot. Which is exactly what our players in this country need, more touches of the ball at home in their environment and on their time. Clubs can also use these competitions to raise some money and at the same time give awards and prizes to the players that have worked the hardest to learn good control through the game. Please contact Paul Mahn, he will get your tournament organized so that it can be a fun and annual or seasonal competition that the players will enjoy throughout their club experience as a player.

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