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Become a Tournament Certified SOCCER2SQUARE Referee.

In order to have uniform standards, we require referees for State, Regional and National Championship Tournaments to become certified. The requirements are simple.  All applicants must be 16 years or older. You must pass a take home test with 80%.

Note: Referees for club tournaments are not required to become certified.

To get started select Referee Enrollment, fill out the application and complete the exam. Send in the application and exam with $ 37.00 registration fee. Upon receiving a passing grade we will send you a referee packet, which includes a SOCCER2SQUARE Training Manual, rules of the game and an Official Referee Tournament Certified shirt that must be worn while officiating all matches.

Question: What if I do not pass the Exam?

Answer: You will have to re take the exam and achieve a passing grade before being included in your states’ pool. But you will not have to pay another $ 35.00 Registration fee.

Question: How will I know what tournaments are available to work?

Answer: We will email you a list of tournaments (both club, State, Regional and National). Sign up for a specific tournament by sending us an email, we will send you a confirmation schedule. Show up the day of the Tournament, check in with the on site coordinator in order to get your assignments and credit for your matches.

If you are currently a youth soccer referee registered with your state soccer association you will be given preference according to your current grade for refereeing State, Regional or National Championships. Pay is on a per match basis, as an independent contractor and each tournament will pay a different per match rate.

If you have further questions please contact our National Referee Coordinator: Paul Mahn at (720) 205-1153.

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