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SOCCER2SQUARE Training was developed so that players, parents and coaches could all play the game both at home or in formal team training.

SOCCER2SQUARE is a supplemental training game that helps players of all ages and abilities learn how to play the soccer ball more effectively out of the air.

The correct teaching/learning progression is essential to make the game fun and challenging, refer to the SOCCER2SQUARE Training Manual for the correct area and progressions and variations to use.

There are a variety of ways to learn how to play the game, here are a few ways to help your player, parent, team, coach or club.

You can purchase any of the SOCCER2SQUARE products:

SOCCER2SQUARE TM Training Manual

Includes detailed description and diagrams of how to play the game, official rules and the appropriate progressions based on age and ability.


Video instruction of how to play the game including official rules, technical demonstrations of the correct way to play the ball out of the air. The appropriate teaching/learning progressions and ways to vary the game to make it more competitive for everyone and an introduction to Tournament SOCCER2SQUARE. (Available February 2010.)

SOCCER2SQUARE TM Team Camp or Clinic

One or our instructors will come out and give a 3 day (one and a half hour per day team camp or clinic.) The sessions will include a SOCCER2SQUARE Training Manual for every player and coach. The session will finish with an intra-team tournament and first, second and third place prizes.


One of our instructors will come out to your club and give a 2 and a half hour Coaches Clinic for all of your club’s coaches and administrators. The session will include a Training Manual for each coach and administrator.


One of our instructors will come to your club and help set up and organize an Official SOCCER2SQUARE TOURNAMENT, this is a great way to help all of the club’s players learn how to play the game at once. Because it is an Official SOCCER2SQUARE sanctioned tournament all player’s will be automatically entered into the SOCCER2SQUARE player rating database. Players and coaches will be able to check on any players rating based on the number of games and tournament played, including state, regional and national competitions.

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