S2S for Coaches

Our recommendation for coaches is to introduce SOCCER2SQUARE Training to your teams using the appropriate size field and rule variations for the age group you are coaching. (Please see the SOCCER2SQUARE Training Manual for guidelines.)

After introducing the game to your team ask them to take the game home and play it with a sibling, friend or parent as often as possible on their own time. Also ask your parents to play the game at home with your players.

It will help all of your players if you hold an end of the season SOCCER2SQUARE intra team tournament. Give away prizes for 1st through 5th place. Also hold a parent SOCCER2SQUARE tournament and require one parent from each family to participate in the season ending tournament. It is a lot of fun and is a great way to get to know your parents and get them involved.

Make sure to announce the player and parent tournaments at the beginning of the season in order to give both the player and parent time to play the game in their spare time over the whole season.

As coaches you can train different topics in SOCCER2SQUARE. You can coach heading, volleying the ball, passing and receiving the ball in the air with any surface of the foot or body.  The coaching topics are many; please refer to the SOCCER2SQUARE Training Manual for help with all of the training topics, appropriate age progressions, touch restrictions, tips on coaching methods and how to coach the proper technique.

Technical Development

Coaching the proper technique at an early age will empower your players and help them build confidence in their own abilities as they progress through the years. Our Training Manual will help you get your players on the right track and then through the game they can discover how best to play the ball correctly at speed and under pressure.

Tactical Development

This part of the game develops over time. The players need to play the game for a while in order to learn what works against their opponent. How to take advantage of the space provided. How to hit or select the appropriate shot at full speed and under pressure. All of these decisions are tactical requirements of the game and can only be learned when the players have the technical ability to execute the desired shot. Our SOCCER2SQUARE Training Manual addresses all of these issues.

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