S2S for Parents

SOCCER2SQUARE Was created as a training game that kids could bring home to share with their families and friends.  The game helps players of all ages learn to play the ball more effectively out of the air. We highly recommend that you as parents learn the rules and play the game with your players. It is a lot of fun, it get’s us adults off the couch it enables us to connect with our kids and get some exercise at the same time.

If you as a parents are just learning about the game right now at this website, we encourage you to order the SOCCER2SQUARE Training Manual. It shows the appropriate area to use, technique and the appropriate teaching progressions based both on age and ability.

Playing the game with the incorrect variations can make the game too difficult (players will become frustrated and give up.) Or making the game too easy (players will become bored, unchallenged and eventually lose interest.)

In between the two, is a place where players experience a challenging and dynamic game that helps teach them how to play the ball correctly out of the air and have a great time doing it!

Long Term Development

While your player will improve very quickly as they play the game more often, this game is not a miracle game or magic training system. If played over long periods of time like years, they will significantly improve their ability to play the ball out of the air.

Acting as a Facilitator

We also encourage you as parents to act as a facilitator of the game for your kids. Let them teach you the game where possible, let them call the game with respect to the rules. Try to remember that it is their game you are just helping them out.

Stay Positive

Be very positive in your comments to the players, encourage all effort not just the great shots! Focus on the effort your player makes in playing the game and keep it fun, fun, fun prizes for continuous play or consecutive volleys can make the game really fun.  If there is a question about whether a shot was in or out, it’s always fine to replay the point, the object is to keep the game going and getting as many touches as possible.  Beating your parents can really make your day when you are 10 years old!

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