S2S for Players

Players of all ages and abilities should play SOCCER2SQUARE at home away from formal training sessions with their team.

It is a fun way to improve your skills while playing against your friends, siblings or parents.

The game can be played just about anywhere at the park, on sidewalks, driveways, in the dirt, at school playgrounds, on patios, indoor inside gymnasiums, on basketball courts, anywhere there is a firm surface where you can draw out a field.

Important Note: Always make sure that the area around your game is safe, it is not recommended to play in parking lots or in the streets or anywhere that can be dangerous to players.

Players of all abilities can play with each other the game is adjustable so that older more skilled players can play competitively with younger or less advanced players. The SOCCER2SQUARE Training Manual has all of the rule variations to make the game fun for everyone.

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